Q. Is Bainbridge Island Riding School accepting new students? A. Yes, we are accepting new students on a limited basis. All riders must participate in a private evaluation lesson where we assess riding skill level and determine the perfect horse and lesson direction to start your riding program. No experience needed!

Q. What do I need to wear to my lesson? A. All riders in our program are required to purchase riding pants, paddock boots or tall boots, and an ASTM/SEI approved helmet. For a student's first lesson, certain elements may be provided by our riding school. Please confirm availability in advance.

Q. Is there a minimum lesson requirement? A. Yes, in order to keep consistency in our programs and ensure the best experience for all riders, our students are required to ride in a minimum of one lesson a week. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy? Our program requires tuition payment in full every month by the first lesson of the month. Late fees will apply if this is missed. Our riding school is committed to being prepared and on time with your mount reserved at each confirmed group lesson. Therefore, make-up lessons and cancellations cannot be accommodated as our horses are already reserved and schedules planned a month in advance. 

Q. Do you offer jumping lessons? A. We do have several horses that are able to jump. However, students are expected to pass a riding evaluation prior to jumping lessons being accommodated. 

Q. Can siblings and friends watch the lessons? A. We ask that siblings and friends only view lessons by appointment. Children are not allowed in the barn without a signed liability waiver and are not allowed to interact with the horses without paddock boots and helmets secured. Our insurance is very strict and as our riding school is located on the ground of the Hazel Creek School, we must abide to the rules of the school as well as our own insurance demands. Please feel free to sign students in and then walk to Meigs park for some fun time outdoors with siblings or pets.